What a run

May 4, 2011 1 comment

What a great event. I didn’t get the joy of running, but I still got up at 6:15 on a bright sunny Sunday and went as the family photographer, and cheating section. The crowd was huge! A little scary how huge it really was but I would have loved to be part of it all. Once the horn sounded and crowd surged forward it took a good 15 minutes to get all the elites, normys, and walkers across the line.

Then only 30 minutes after they left, Willy and Simon came running down the road to finish. It was great see what some people can do and I was right behind Willy when he finished

Me just behind Willy

If you look just above his right elbow that’s me with the black shirt with red/white blob and arms in the air. Not a good picture I know. Shouldn’t have blinked.

I had a good vantage point though and was able to see my dad and sister finish at 51:14 and 1:07:26 respectively. I was mixed with excitement, pride, and then what surprised me was, sadness.

My recovery seems to be starting to get better though and I should be able to start at least power walking a bit more soon. Gotta see the chiro soon and then hopefully I’ll be good to go the distance next time round and not have to watch others.

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So much for the TC10k

April 28, 2011 1 comment

So after running a 7.5 Km clinic run followed by a week and a half of knee pain, I went to the Chiropracter. Good news, bad news. Nothing is torn, but my IT band is really tight.

The good thing is I didnt piss off the IT band enough to stop my running goals of doing a 10K run. The bad news is, it looks like no TC 10k for me. This is a bit if a let down for me as it’s been an ongoing goal since thanksgiving day, but knowing I can still run has some how been really good to know. It seems I have been tricked into liking this little running thing.

After my first visit I was already feeling better. I don’t know why I didn’t go earlier. Had a second visit a week ago and there is noted improvement. Then I went for a short little run walk for a total of 15 minutes and paid for it for the next four days. It’s been a sad week of realizing that my goal for the last 6 months is gone and done with, but I think I have learned some good things along the way.

I have learned that I actually like this whole getting out in the freezing rain and running around in the dark thing is fun. I have been able to force myself to get off my ass and out from in front of the tv and do something that’s stress reducing, doesn’t cost a ton and is a great way to see new things.

The rest of the people that are running, from my family, have said they are doing the TC10k and they are done with running for a while. However I have really started looking at other upcoming events and set a goal to do at least one if not more of them.

For now it’s a bunch of stretching with the devils tool (foam roller) and making up a banner to support the family and any #yyjrun-ners that don’t leave town for some other little race on the Mainland.

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100Kms !

March 13, 2011 Leave a comment

I was just looking at my runkeeper profile and noticed that i have run a total of 100KMs. Wow! If you told me a couple months ago that I would run 100K I would have thought, “ya right”. But it has been done.

This week has been a bad one for me running wise. Sunday I tweaked my knee while screwing around and had a twinge in my knee for a week. Instead of popping a bunch of Advil and running through it, I let it rest this week as it just didn’t seem smart to run through the “discomfort”. So this morning I was dreading go to the clinic as I have done ZERO homework.

Once we got going I was actually feeling good. I guess after week of not having run to relieve daily stresses, it all came out in he first couple of intervals and I felt great. As we were running through Royal Road I started chatting with one of the volunteers. Next thing I know we are done a couple more intervals and doing hills…Gotta love them distractions. A couple minutes after the hills she had me running at a higher pace for the last couple seconds of the run set. Finished on a hill and felt pretty good. After a week of not running and then tackling a bunch of hills I was a little tired, but feeling good. Gotta love seeing results.

Now 12 hours later my legs are saying mean things to me, but they can just suck it up. Next week is going to be all about getting ready for my first official race by participating in the Esquimalt 5k. I haven’t really thought of any goals for the race other then not finishing last 😛

I have come to realize that I’m slowly turning into one of those sick people that enjoys running, and finds it relaxing. Can’t wait for my first race in a week and am looking forward to a week good solid training.


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March 4, 2011 1 comment

Had a great motivational speaker at last weeks clinic. 75ish year old guy running marathons and putting up good times. His name escapes me but he was great to listen to. So this week I have put aside my regular podcast (HeidiandFrank.com) and downloaded a couple running related podcasts to get some more inspiration.

The first one that I got was the Two Gomers Run a Marathon. As they admitted on the first show I heard, they aren’t 100% about running but I found them to be informative and also had some great stories and tips to share. They were fun to listen to while out running, as long as you are ok with looking foolish laughing to yourself while running.

The next podcast was The Running Podcast. This one was much more running related. Shocker with a name like that eh? I just started this one yesterday but the Aussie host seems to really be on top of his stuff. The current show he’s recording while running a half marathon. I can barley breathe half way through a couple hills. And he’s coming up with material on the go. Show off. So far I prefer this one better because of a) more running related content and b) audio quality.

On my run tonight I pulled on some of the inspiration from the clinic talk, that there is no pain in running, only levels of discomfort. I thought I was almost done my intervals tonight when I realized I still had a third to go. Crap! My legs were burning and thought, “ouch pain, make it stop”. But then I remembered no, not pain, discomfort. Discomfort is ok. By the time I had stopped talking to myself I realized I zigged instead of zagged, and had no choice but to finish the sets. Last one I stepped it up a tiny notch and I felt good for having finished the intervals and doing 5k+.

Discomfort is temporary, sense of accomplishment lasts longer.

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Yay “Skinny” Jeans

February 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Yay got my “skinny” jeans on. Skinny is a relative term, but it feels good to be wearing jeans that I wasn’t able to get on for the last couple of months. All this crazy running is starting to pay off… finally!

Todays clinic was a bit tougher as we had a little Royal Roads hill action. I’m glad that my usual route has at least one longish hill on it. But I got a feeling I’ll have to go back to Royal Roads a couple times this week to really give’r on the hills.

I also noticed at the end of todays run that I broke the 5Km milestone. Half way there! Now it’s time to get the time down that it takes to complete that 5Km and register for the LifeMark Esquimalt 5K Fun Run & Walk. The route looks failry flat with some hillage in there for fun? Might try running the course this week as a trail of wha’ts too come.  Less then a month till that rolls around so I guess its time to train some more.

Well one milestone down (5k), and new short term goal of running my first organized running completion set.

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February 16, 2011 Leave a comment

So its half way through the 4th week of the TC10K clinics at Juan de Fuca, and their crazy idea of interval training is starting to work. Who would have thunk eh? I looked back at my runkeeper.com profile page and noticed that I’m starting to be able to go further, and run for longer periods at once.

Another thing I noticed just now was that I’m running just a little faster on my own compared to with the group. I was thinking the whole time I was running tonight at Royal Roads that I was actually slower. But as it turns out, I’m running about 2 km/h quicker!

The one thing I learned tonight is that a) long gradual hills are tricky and mean, and b) Royal Roads can be a bit creepy in the dark sections when you are alone. I can’t wait for the summer sun to start to show up so that running at 7:00 pm isn’t running in the dark.

On a positive note, my knee seems to have figured it self out. The RICE principle seems to done the trick.  Icing it and wrapping it after a run really have felt good, and I think after 4-6 weeks my knee has figured out I’m not going to stop running, so its playing along.

So know with the knee playing along i need to find some more hills out in the Westshore area. Anyone know of any out here? Preferably decently lit up.

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…and then there was two

February 5, 2011 Leave a comment

I keep thinking back to October of last year, when sitting around the turkey carcass we all made a pact to run the TC 10K. Right off the bat my wife said she is not doing it cause she’s pregnant. Then a day before the clinic starts my mom says, “been there, done that, got the t-shirt” and having completed the race last year she bows out. On week two we find out that my sisters boyfriend has a IT band thats acting up and his Physio says no running for at least 2 weeks. And then on Sunday my dad/running coach calls saying he has got intense pain in his abdomen, which a couple hours later turns out to be severe appendicitis. He’s fine after a late night surgery but won’t be running for at least a month. So now its just my sister and I.

So on top of not having a running partner/coach for the next month which has been a bit of a downer, I had to go to two birthday parties which means cake and booze. Plus they were both on my regular running nights which is screwing up my routine. I did manage to get my runs in though, but opted for a near by school so that the wife could come with and walk laps. You can see my tracks here. I had to stop part way through Fridays run as I got a phone call from work, followed by my intervals getting mixed up or missed.

Well time to rest and ice the knee for tomorrows running clinic.


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